Walking and Cycling in Bruton – a quick questionnaire

Please take a few minutes to answer this simple (and anonymous) questionnaire. We would particularly like to know what’s good, what’s bad and  what needs improving.

Please also share with other Bruton residents (of all ages). The more people that answer, the more representative the response. When completed we will share the key results with Bruton Town Council and the local schools.

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4 Responses to Walking and Cycling in Bruton – a quick questionnaire

  1. Bernie Page says:

    I hope Traffic in Bruton slows down around the one way system, this would allow Ladybird Preschool do more wellie walks with the children. It can be very stressful trying to cross the roads with more than 10 under fives when there is so much fast moving traffic.

  2. Anika Dare says:

    There seems to be a more positive attitude towards making Bruton a more friendly place for walkers and cyclists. Hopefully future projects will reflect the ideas and believes of the community

  3. S l says:

    I wish there was more dog friendly places after all we do live in the country, and I do t believe there should be permit parking in the high street this would only make the problem worse at least with the 2 hour restriction people who park badly are forced to move there cars,

  4. Xaviere Harvey says:

    Pavements are simply not wide enough, particularly where there is a high volume of pedestrians, such as between Sexey’s school and sports field. Students tend to step onto the road without looking – it is an accident waiting to happen. As a motorist I feel I take risks driving past them, even at less than 20mph! I am not happy at the thought that my child will soon have to walk along there as part of their school day. Despite the new traffic-calming measures, there are still cars hurtling along the main road, too fast given that groups of children/young people move along this road in an erratic, unpredictable manner.

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