Walk to School Week 2020

This year’s Walk to School Week starts Monday 5th October and is part of International Walk to School month. There’s loads of great benefits to walking or cycling. We can reduce congestion, reduce air pollution and carbon emissions. As well as protecting our planet it’s also great for our health. So, if you can walk or cycle around then town then please do so.

If you have to drive, then please observe the speed limit and be considerate to pedestrians and cyclists. Reducing congestion and environmental damage benefits everyone so please show your support to the pupils who are walking or cycling.

Walking and cycling to School Survey

Bruton’s Safer Walking & Cycling Group (a joint group set up by Bruton Town Council and One Planet Bruton) are carrying out a survey of how children get to and from school to understand barriers to walking and cycling. If you, or your children, attend any of the Bruton schools then please take five minutes to complete the survey and give your ideas as to how things could be improved.

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