The Critical Mass

A fantastic turnout this morning – over 100 people came to join the ride from Cuckoo Hill to Bruton Town, with more joining us once we reached the town centre.

We started with one bicycle (photograph below) and ended up with a unicyclist, a politician, the local press and a photographer in addition to children, adults, dogs, pushchairs, scooters, bicycles and over 100 pairs of feet.

Thanks for showing your support – if anyone has any photos then please get in contact (via the about page or facebook). We are putting all the photos here so please take a look and send us some more. Also if you haven’t already signed the online petition then please read and consider signing.

And look out in the Western Gazette this week for a write-up.

In addition to all of this it was a thoroughly enjoyable morning and all the cars that passed us were polite and considerate, showing that we can all work together and enjoy a safe environment for everyone.

Bruton Critical Mass - the first bike
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