Paths connecting Bruton’s new Landhouse development

multi-use path for Bruton

A multi-use path linking the new development to historic Bruton.

It was originally planned that the new Landhouse (Marksdane) development at Cuckoo Hill would be connected to Bruton by a path suitable for pedestrians and cyclists.  Unfortunately the path has disappeared from the planning application. We would love to see this path reinstated.

A multi-use path (suitable for pedestrians, cyclists, pushchairs, disability scooters etc) would not only benefit the new residents but also the existing residents. We believe it could be completed in three phases. Phase 1 could be undertaken when the Landhouse development is constructed.  Phase 2 with the proposed health centre and eventually phase 3 providing the final links.  We would love to see the land surrounding the path become an informal park with features such as art works, picnic benches, nature trails and even an outdoor gym. It could become a real asset to the town that would be used by all residents.

This new housing development will create significant additional journeys as people drive to and from work, the schools and the town centre facilities. This will put pressure on streets such as Quaperlake and Coombe Street as well as adding to the parking problems in the town centre. Such a path would encourage people to walk or cycle therefore limiting these problems. There would also be a direct benefit to the environment.

If you would like to see this path go ahead then please take 5 minutes to object (select the ‘comments’ tab) to the current plans in which no path is included. We will also be holding a fun critical mass cycle event (scooters, wheelchair users, skateboarders, disability scooters, pushchairs, pedestrians all welcome) on the morning of Sunday the 11th October to highlight the need for alternative paths in Bruton. We will publish more details nearer the time. There is also now a petition that you can sign.

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2 Responses to Paths connecting Bruton’s new Landhouse development

  1. Hi, just a quick comment that you need also need to attack this through councillors and your local MP. It is critical for the council to be involved in objecting. Get your local papers to talk about it. Put up leaflets in and around schools and local cafes. Get the residents writing to their MP and each councillor. In particular, I would also suggest contacting your Council cycling champion, the cycle officers within the council and communities councillor. Find out who is on the council planning approvals and get them involved.

    This is a serious failure of place-making and forces families to use cars to drop their kids off to school. The road is a fast 30mph road with no safe space for children to cycle to and from the location.

    The developers are trying to save money. It should also be asked what is happening with any section 106 money (developers hand over chunks of money to improve the community).

    I would also suggest finding out when the next council meeting is, and book a slot to speak to the council. If you can present a petition at the same time that is also useful.

    I would guess Highways department will be your enemy. They discount cycling as a joke. They do not want people cycling. Do not take any statement from them where the “road is acceptable”. You do not have kids mixing with 30mph HGVs.

    Hope this helps and good luck!

  2. Oh one other thing, shared paths are awful but they are the best we can get at the moment. If you can get a path to be wide enough you can segregate, but the path needs to be 4m wide to achieve that 😉

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