We’re back …

After a long break Basii are now back. We have some new members with lots of great ideas about how to make our streets safer, promote sustainable travel and reduce air pollution. Watch out for our spooky Halloween pumpkins around the streets to celebrate our return.

Now that the cold, dark winter evenings are upon us please make sure that if you are walking or cycling you are really visible and if you are driving please take extra care.

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20mph Celebration Photograph …

Some of Bruton’s residents came together for a quick photograph to celebrate the completion of central Bruton’s 20mph speed limit. A huge thank you to everyone that has helped make this happen and lets hope that we can look forward to a safer, quieter and more environmentally friendly town.

Central Bruton has many beautiful, historic narrow streets. Some have no pavements whilst many have pavements so narrow that no pushchair or wheelchair can fit on them. It is therefore no surprise that a 20mph speed limit has been talked about for many years by Bruton residents. In fact, the idea of a 20mph speed limit for central Bruton was first actively pursued in the 1990s.  Now, more than twenty years later it is finally up and running.

BASII got involved in the campaign only three years ago. We started with a walk around the town to show support for the 20mph speed limit which was already being discussed by the Town Council. We’ve then had arts trails, under pants, spring flowers, a giant zebra, sheep, enormous vegetables and mystery signs (we never did find out who Pantsy was!). Below are a few photographs of some creative campaigning over the last three years. A massive thank you to all that got involved, supported us and made our campaign such fun.

It started with a walk around the town.



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Let’s Celebrate …

Central Bruton’s 20mph speed limit is now complete. A big thank you to the Town Council, our County Councillor and the many people that have helped make this happen. Also thanks to the organisations, such as 20’s Plenty for Us, that laid the groundwork on a National level.

We want our streets to be safe for everyone. Children should be able to walk to school without risking their lives. We should be able to visit the shops and local cafes safely. Motorists should be able to park safely within the town and cycling should be encouraged. Traffic traveling at a constant speed, rather than braking and accelerating, produces less air pollution – something that benefits all Bruton’s residents. Slower traffic is also far quieter. A 20mph speed limit is a great step towards making all these a reality.

Please join us for a photograph to celebrate. We’re meeting on Friday the 10th March at 3:40 in Coombe Street. Everyone welcome.

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Road Sign Competition

weymouth 20mph sign

20mph sign in Weymouth

When central Bruton gets a 20mph speed limit, Bruton Town Council would like to have illustrations similar to the one shown below the signs.  They are running a competition, open to all children under 16,  to choose four winning designs. Each winning design will get turned into a real road sign! Each winner will also receive £20 worth of gift vouchers from BASII.

The deadline is Monday the 13th June so if you, or anyone you know, would like to enter then you had better get drawing or painting. More details can be found here – Road sign competition poster. The Town Council offices are open on Monday morning but if you can’t deliver there then  please contact us (using the form below) and we will let you know alternatives. Good luck.

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School Staff successfully turn around failing Bus Network

transport for brutonTeachers and staff at Bruton Primary have spectacularly turned around Bruton’s failing walking bus network. Earlier in the week the network, which had seen dwindling passenger numbers, was put into ‘special measures’ after failing a wbOfsted inspection.  The teachers and staff at Bruton Primary took over the network and, in just one day, turned it into a spectacular success. One passenger said, “the walking bus I took was totally full, I had to stand!”.

A really big well done to Bruton Primary Staff, the bus leaders and especially the passengers who joined in with the walking buses.

Please take a few minutes to answer this short questionaire to give us ideas about how walking and cycling in Bruton can be improved.

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Walking bus network in ‘Special Measures’

Bruton walk to school map 2016Following a recent WbOfsted inspection Bruton Primary’s walking bus network is now in special measures. Sir Topham Hatt, recently appointed as a WbOfsted inspector, told us “the network failed the inspection due to inadequate leadership of the senior management at Transport for Bruton  – this has caused confusion and delay. In contrast walking bus leaders are doing an excellent, really useful job”.

Fortunately the brilliant and talented staff at Bruton Primary have stepped in to rescue the network and will lead the walking buses on Friday morning. Please support the teachers by joining them. Click here for timetable information.

If you do need to drive, please consider using the ‘park and stride’ service. This starts at the Godminster cheese car park. Why not park here, buy some delicious cheese, and then take the scenic route to the school.

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Bruton Primary School Walk-to-School week

Bruton walk to school map 2016The 23rd-27th of May is Bruton Primary School’s Walk-to-School week. During the week there will be a network of ‘walking buses’. Families will meet at the ‘bus stops’ and then walk to school together, picking up more families on route. The walking bus routes and timetables will be displayed in the school playground.

This year there has been a recruitment crisis for the Hadspen and Jubilee lines. If you think you have what it takes to be a walking bus leader then please read our job description and sign up in the playground.

Please also take a minute to do our walking and cycling questionnaire to give us ideas of how walking and cycling in Bruton can be improved.

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Walking and Cycling in Bruton – a quick questionnaire

Please take a few minutes to answer this simple (and anonymous) questionnaire. We would particularly like to know what’s good, what’s bad and  what needs improving.

Please also share with other Bruton residents (of all ages). The more people that answer, the more representative the response. When completed we will share the key results with Bruton Town Council and the local schools.

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Bruton in ‘Consultation Phase’ for 20mph Speed Limit

Some excellent news – Bruton is in the final stages of obtaining a 20mph speed limit. In the near future Bruton should be joining many towns and cities throughout the UK that have already implemented 20mph speed limits. The map below shows the roads that will get the new limit (click on it to enlarge).

Bruton - Proposed 20 mph Speed LimitThere are many benefits to having a 20mph speed limit. The roads become safer for everyone. This is particularly true for vulnerable road users such as pedestrians and cyclists. Many of the streets that will be included in the Bruton 20mph limit have no pavements, or pavements too narrow for a wheelchair or pushchair, forcing pedestrians to walk in the road.

Slower traffic speeds encourage people to walk or cycle rather than drive. This benefits everyone by reducing congestion, lowering pollution, reducing traffic noise and freeing up parking within the town. A 20mph speed limit within central Bruton would add very little to motorists journey times (on average much less than 1 minute) and significantly benefits the environment and the health of the residents. With road traffic accidents in Somerset alone costing £120 million and 20mph speed limits proven to reduce casualties there is also a strong financial benefit.

We would like to thank those on the Town Council who have spearheaded this scheme and worked so hard to make it happen. We would also like to thank our local County Councillor, those working for Somerset County Council, all Bruton residents who became involved in the debate and also the national organisations who have laid the groundwork.

We look forward to Bruton becoming a safer, quieter and more environmentally friendly place.

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Great Bruton’s Dalek Defences Breached

Today, just after 6 am an army of Daleks attacked Great Bruton. By 6:30am they had breached the Dalek defences and arrived at Jubilee park. Luckily the park was quiet and nobody got exterminated although the local residents were left in a state of shock.

daleks in jubilee park bruton

Great Bruton’s Dalek defences were breached resulting in the Daleks getting to Jubilee park.

Henry van Statten, responsible for the design and construction of the Jubilee park Dalek defences, said “We recently updated one of the main paths to the park. After much consideration we decided we would leave the steps to ensure that no Daleks could get to the park. Clearly this means that pushchairs and wheelchairs cannot use the path and have to go on the roads (there are no pavements to the park). However, this was considered to be a minor safety issue compared to the risk of a Dalek attack!”.

daleks contemplating steps

The Daleks could not use the recently improved path to the park as the original steps were left specifically to defend against attack.

However, the cunning Daleks observed that there was access along the road. Thankfully, five Daleks were crushed by a fast moving vehicle. Unfortunately the remaining Daleks gained access to the park where they exterminated a small horse and elephant. The Daleks caused havoc before a police box appeared and then they mysteriously disappeared.

Rose Tyler, an international Dalek expert, explained. “Clearly these Daleks have read that Bruton is one of the hippest places in the universe. Last year they arrived by train but thankfully could not cross over the footbridge.”.

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