Mystery 20mph Signs

Does anyone know anything about these signs that were all along the High Street this morning? We think they are brilliant – congratulations to the artist(s). They are signed by ‘Pantsy’ – is this a relative of ‘Banksy’?

Keep Bruton Irie

At 8:00 am there were about twenty signs positioned up the High Street, but by 9 o’clock only a handful remained – were they taken down by the ‘fast and furious 40mph’ mob? Here’s some photos of the remaining ones.

Mystery Signs P1030287 P1030288Keep Bruton Irie - Hauser and Wirth

Please let us know if you know anything about these signs? Did you create them? Did you put them up? Did you take them down? Are any others left? Please can we have one?

According to Wikipedia …

Irie (I-rie \I ‘ -ree) is the word in Jamaican Patois that means, “alright”. The term can be used to mean 1: powerful and pleasing; 2: excellent, highest; n 3: the state of feeling great. It is commonly used by members of the Rastafari movement (see Iyaric).


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  1. Intriguing & very well done!

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