Mini-triathlon results

P1020972 (Modified)On Sunday July 20th, Basii held a mini-triathlon to show support for a 20mph speed limit in Bruton. We set out early in the morning completing a 20km cycle, a 20 hundred metre run and a 20 minute swim.  The weather was great and we all had a fantastic time – so good that we’re planning on doing something similar in the future. Please click here for our mini-triathlon write-up and more photographs. As you can see from the above photo we now have some great T-shirts. Thanks to those involved with the design.  The first batch sold out instantly so we’re planning on getting some more made. Please do get in contact if you’d like to order any. Basii will be giving a presentation to Bruton Town Council next Tuesday (29th July) evening at 7:45pm about the benefits to the town of a 20mph speed limit. Please come along if you are interested.

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