Let’s Celebrate …

Central Bruton’s 20mph speed limit is now complete. A big thank you to the Town Council, our County Councillor and the many people that have helped make this happen. Also thanks to the organisations, such as 20’s Plenty for Us, that laid the groundwork on a National level.

We want our streets to be safe for everyone. Children should be able to walk to school without risking their lives. We should be able to visit the shops and local cafes safely. Motorists should be able to park safely within the town and cycling should be encouraged. Traffic traveling at a constant speed, rather than braking and accelerating, produces less air pollution – something that benefits all Bruton’s residents. Slower traffic is also far quieter. A 20mph speed limit is a great step towards making all these a reality.

Please join us for a photograph to celebrate. We’re meeting on Friday the 10th March at 3:40 in Coombe Street. Everyone welcome.

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3 Responses to Let’s Celebrate …

  1. Jack says:

    Good work BASII, thank you so much for your sustained efforts and great success!

  2. Brian Mullis says:

    Indeed – an excellent move.

    I am pleased the noise issue has been noted.

    Cole Road is much better than previously and there was a noticeable difference in pace, once the 20 mph limits were painted on the ground.

    There has been so much vociferous and unnecessary quasi-legal comment, it is pleasing to see that tranquility may now return to this wonderful town.

    Brian Mullis

  3. Hannah says:

    Well done to all the team- we made it happen at last!

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