Landhouse Planning Result

Landhouse pathsLast Wednesday (9th of December) planning permission for the Landhouse estate in Bruton was granted. The developers have made a firm commitment to build a gravel path down to the public right-of-way, in the future, when a path connecting to it is built. It will be one of two alternative paths (marked 1 and 2 on the map – please click on the map to enlarge it).

We believe that the path should be built with the estate and that it should be suitable for pushchairs, wheelchairs, scooters, cyclists etc. We attended the meeting to present the case for this. Here is an outline of what we said.

We trust that the developers and landowners will keep their promise to build this path. We also hope they will build it so it can be used by pushchairs, scooters, cyclists, mobility scooters and wheelchairs. If the path and the new estate are built well they will be a real asset to the town. As has been seen in many other towns, when well designed and attractive paths are built they quickly become well used. Giving people an alternative to using their cars will limit the the additional traffic caused by the new estate, reduce congestion and help keep Bruton a beautiful and vibrant place to live.

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3 Responses to Landhouse Planning Result

  1. Margaret Hammer says:

    Will there be a safe crossing place from the Burrowfield side of the Frome road to the Land house development? Traffic comes rather fast down that hill.

    • Basii says:

      There will be a pedestrian crossing at the top of the road, between Landhouse and Cuckoo Hill. We would also like to see a safe crossing point across the Frome road opposite Burrowfield. This is where many people (including school children) cross to use the path that goes through Uphills to Coombe Street.

  2. Dee Mullis says:

    Being an old cynic, I wonder what incentive the developers need to ensure that they do indeed build the path as requested. Without some inducement, I have serious doubts that they will fulfill this plan, especially as they are making it dependent upon another stage.
    What can Bruton do to persuade the developers to hold true to their “promise”? I don’t think we should be naive about this.

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