Landhouse Planning Meeting

Bruton Critical Mass - revolution 4Next Wednesday, 9th December, the Landhouse development at Cuckoo Hill will be considered by the Council’s Area East Committee who will determine if planning permission for the new housing estate is to be granted.

The good news is that the Landhouse developers will put aside £30,000 to build a gravel path from the estate once a connecting path is built across the County Fields to the south. Here’s a link to the details of the proposed path. Whilst not as good as the originally proposed path it is definitely a step in the right direction. We would like to thank the developers and landowners for listening to the community and committing to building this path. The path has the potential to limit traffic problems and be a real asset to the new and existing residents.

We would, however, very much prefer that the path is built when the estate is built and are keen to ensure that it has a surface that is suitable for pushchairs, children’s scooters and mobility scooters. We will be attending the meeting to present the case for this. If you would like to show support for the path please join us at the meeting. It is in Wincanton at the Council Offices and will be heard after 10:30am (here’s the agenda and the planning officers report). If you would like a lift or to car share then please contact us via Basii. Also, if you cannot attend but would like to express an opinion then please let us know and we will endeavour to do so on your behalf.

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7 Responses to Landhouse Planning Meeting

  1. Tricia Rawlingson Plant says:

    I absolutely agree that the footpath should be made at the same time as the proposed development of buildings – otherwise there could be the same problem as the children’s play park on Cuckoo hill which has taken years to resolve and was promised by the developers during the application for permission to build.

  2. Peter & Ilse Coxon says:

    The promised footpath would add to the number of good footpaths around Bruton and encourage individuals and families in the new housing development to walk to and from the town.

  3. Peter & Ilse Coxon says:

    Most important that individuals and families have the facility to walk into and from town and have the choice to do so and dispense with unnecessary driving. Will add to excellent system of footpaths around Bruton.

  4. Robin Balme says:

    I Think the path needs to be built with the rest of the development as it has been proven time and time again that, if left, these projects are increasingly difficult to get moving again. It is imperative that the path be constructed from a material suitable for mixed use by pushchairs, prams, wheelchairs, scooters and bikes.

  5. Mike Brownlow says:

    But there is no point in building a path that doesn’t go anywhere! The County Council own two of the fields that lie between Marksdanes and the town. Until the town has successfully negotiated the sale or the gift of those fields to Bruton, no one can build a connecting path. Everyone wants a path — including the developers — but you can’t build a path on land you don’t own. The Town Council is going to be working hard in the New Year to try to secure the fields, but there are many strands to this problem, and we’ve been warned it could take a two or three years.

    • Sally Thompson says:

      Plus planning permission has been refused already for a footpath across the council fields. In Taunton and by further appeals heard in Bruton 2014.

    • Basii says:

      The proposed path would connect to the existing footpath network. It would also finish less than 50m from the safe path that goes along Burrowfield Road and through Uphills. The Frome road is wide here and there is space for a connecting pavement regardless of what happens to the County fields. If decent paths are built with every development then it would be a straight forward job to join them up.

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