Join the Critical Mass – Sunday 11th October at 10am

Bruton Critical Mass PosterOn Sunday the 11th of October, at 10 am, there will be a ‘Critical Mass’ of cyclists, pedestrians and others meeting at Cuckoo Hill Green. The event is to celebrate cycling, celebrate sustainable transport and highlight the need for good pedestrian and cycle routes within Bruton.

We believe that a path suitable for pedestrians and cyclists should be built connecting the historic town centre with the Cuckoo Hill side of town. In particular, we would love to see the path that was publicised at the Landhouse (Marksdane) consultation be built (please read and consider signing the petition). We envisage this path as the first stage of a route that would ultimately link the town. Such a route could become an informal park and green corridor. Facilities on the path could include picnic benches, artworks, trim trail or even a nature trail. We understand that Bruton Town Council is actively looking into this idea and wish to show our support.

Please join us on the 11th October to show that cyclists and pedestrians should be considered in all future developments of the town. Together we can make the town safer, reduce road traffic, protect the environment and make Bruton a brilliant place to live, work or visit.

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