Giant 20mph courgette infiltrates horticulture show

Today a giant courgette showing support for a 20mph speed limit in Bruton appeared at the Bruton & District Horticultural Society Annual Show. This courgette was picked on the 20th of August and fits in with our 20mph campaign in which something (sometimes very small but always significant) happens on the 20th of each month.

Bruton 20mph courgetteWe spoke to the Basii gardener-in residence who told us “Many people said that this slow growing courgette would never compete with the faster growing varieties from the cucurbita family. However, we’ve found that it produces better healthier fruit, is kinder to the environment and is far safer. Most people will survive being hit by a courgette travelling at 20mph; at 30mph it is a very different story. Children and pets can now visit the vegetable patch without fear of attack from fast growing marrows. Such plants can easily crush a family pet or induce a lifelong dislike of vegetables. ”

Bruton’s excellent horticultural show is today (Saturday 22th August) 2:30pm to 5:00pm.  Please come along and see some wonderful exhibits and look out for the 20mph courgette.

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