Walking Buses

Bruton Primary walking bus mapDuring Walk to School Week 2014 children joined walking buses to and from Bruton Primary School.  Initially there were  a few teething problems with the complicated network of seven walking bus routes.  This was the result of a communications problem caused by the wrong type of sunshine at the preceding weekend (the branch line manager was at the beach instead of sorting out the timetables). We had unmarked buses, buses taking detours, some buses running early and others running too fast for the passengers!.  One Mother complained “We waited ages for a walking bus and then two came along at once!”.  However, as the week progressed the running of the network improved with more and more families joining the buses.  By the end of the week most of the bus lines were running smoothly and despite variable weather conditions the passengers enjoyed themselves.  Many families that regularly drive were happily walking to school with the buses.  A big thank you to all the bus leaders and please see below for some photographs.

Next year in ‘Walk to School Week’ the walking buses will return with improvements to the afternoon service and the ‘park and stride’ schemes.

If you believe that every child that can walk to school should be able to do so safely and easily then please sign the Living Streets Petition.

The Jubilee line

Bruton - walking buses 2014 - the jubilee line 1 Bruton - walking buses 2014 - the jubilee line 2

The Hadspen line

Bruton-walking-bus-hadspen-weds-2 Bruton-walking-bus-hadspen-weds-1

The Tolbury line

P1020465 (Modified)P1020467 (Modified)Bruton-walking-bus-tolbury-weds-2

And if you’re not near an official line then why not create your own


A new walking bus line was created



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