Walk around the town

On the 24th of April 2014, around thirty Bruton Residents met to show their support for a 20mph speed limit.  In CAT’s Cafe we had some very interesting discussions about the areas that would benefit from a 20mph speed limit. We also talked about what other towns are implementing and organisations that support a 20mph speed limit (such as 20’s Plenty for Us and Go 20). We were kindly provided with drinks by Mr and Mrs Ian Wilmshurst from King’s School who were unable to attend but wanted to show their Support for Bruton’s ‘20:20 vision’. Many thanks to them. At ten o’clock we set off along the High Street with our signs and banners held high. We went up Coombe Street into Higher Backway and then back down onto Quaperlake Street. We went around the one way system, pausing at several locations highlighted as ‘problem’ areas.  These included the Kings School crossing (where some pupils joined us for a photo – apologies to their teachers if they were late for the next lesson), the Godminster Lane turning and Shute Lane.  We then returned along the High Street.

Many, many thanks to everyone who came out to support us, to those that couldn’t attend but sent messages of support, to the placard makers and the vehicles that slowed down and gave us the ‘thumbs up’. This is just the beginning of our campaign, so look out for us in the press, on this Basii website and around our beautiful town.

Here’s a few of the photos from our walk.  Thanks to Vincent Evans and our other photographers.

_VPE3068 _VPE3072 _VPE3086 _VPE3088 _VPE3092 _VPE3098 _VPE3109 _VPE3114 _VPE3115 _VPE3120 _VPE3124 _VPE3129 _VPE3134 _VPE3137 _VPE3138 _VPE3141 _VPE3145 _VPE3151 _VPE3152 _VPE3159

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