20mph Speed Limit

Many town and cities are now implementing a 20mph limit on all residential roads (exempting the major arterial roads). This has been proven to reduce accidents and increase walking and cycling.

A 20mph limit benefits …

  • Pedestrians. 20mph makes it safer for pedestrians. This is particularly true where pedestrians have no choice but to walk in the road.  A 20mph limit makes the town feel safer (also quieter and more pleasant) which encourages people to walk and use the local shops and amenities.
  • Cyclists. Slower vehicle speeds make it safer for cyclists.
  • Motorists. Bruton has several road junctions (and drives) with very limited visibility. A 20mph limit significantly reduces the probability of collisions to vehicles pulling out at these junctions. Bruton has a large amount of on-road parking. A 20mph limit makes it safer to park and get in and out of the vehicles. Slower vehicle speeds also mean that parked vehicles suffer less damage.

Please see our 20mph presentation to Bruton Town Council for more details of the benefits of a 20mph limit for Bruton. For more information about 20mph limits please see Living Streets, 20’s Plenty for Us, Brake, Go20, Road Peace and Road Safety GB paper.

On the 20th of each month we are organising events to show support for a 20mph speed limit for Bruton. Most of these events will be very low publicity.  We plan to keep this up until Bruton gets a 20mph speed limit.  Please send us your suggestions of any events that you’d like to do and please do come and join us. Here’s some of the events we’ve had so far ..

April 2014  – Walk around the town
Tuesday 20th May 2014 – After-school walk
Friday 20th June 2014 – Evening walk
Sunday 20th July 2014 – Mini-triathlon
Wednesday 20th August 2014 – Arts trail
Saturday 20th September 2014 – family cycle ride
Monday 20th October 2014 – Zak the Zebra from Brake visited Bruton Primary School
Thursday 20th November 2014 – Premiere of the Road Safety video starring Zak
20th December 2014 – Christmas 5km Run
20th January 2015 – 20mph pants art installation
20th February 2015 – Scoot and art on Lower Backway
20th March 2015 – The Solar Eclipse
20th April 2015 – 20mph Spring Flowers
20th May 2015 – Walk to school week
20th June 2015 – Race for Life


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