Bruton’s Angels turn Rebels

The Angel-of-the-Road willow sculptures that have been protecting the town from speeding motorists have rebelled. Two of the sculptures have attached themselves to a traffic post near the church and are demanding safer walking and cycling routes in the town. One of the angels turned rebels, Statue O’Limity, said, “We’ve been observing the town over the summer months, we need better pavements, more cycle provision and better access to the library”. She continued, “only recently I was knocked over by an HGV. It was a terrifying experience and made me realise the urgency of improving our pavements and ensuring all future developments make sustainable, safe travel a priority”. The statues have said they will not budge until the walking and cycling in Bruton is improved. However, one of the Town officials was seen walking to the library junction with a large pair of pruning shears and told us the disruption would not last much longer.

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