Bruton’s worst

Which areas of Bruton do you think need improving the most?  Here’s our top ten list of the worst bits.  Please use the form at the bottom to add any new areas (and say why they should be included) and also to vote on the worst bits.  We will shortly finalise the top ten and they will be the areas that Basii focuses on – please send us your words/pictures/links for any areas that you think we should focus on and we’ll include on this website

  1. Coombe Street
  2. High Street
  3. Shute Lane – no pavements, no verge, fast moving traffic
  4. Outside Sexy’s school – narrow pavement, fast moving traffic.  No crossings, no lollipop person.
  5. Access to park – quiet but no pavements – park/dovecot one of Brutons greatest assets and should be accessible.
  6. Station – no access to 2nd platform for wheelchairs/pushchairs
  7. Quaperlake street  – narrow pavement, narrow road, fast moving and lots of traffic
  8. Better access from the new car park to the town
  9. Dog muck and litter – spoils some of our most beautiful streets
  10. What or where do you think we should include?

11 Responses to Bruton’s worst

  1. Flora Rawlingson Plant says:

    Railway bridge to Cox’s Close is not good for walking with children… pavement runs out.
    Plox Junction with Godminster Lane is unnecessarily large and encourages cars to speed.
    Quaperlake street… cars go too fast and pavements too narrow for walking and crossing with children.
    Dog litter bin needed at top of Catherine’s Hill junction with Duck pond walk.
    Pavements along High Street need to be wider for walking, push chairs and wheel chairs.

    • Chris Rolls says:

      Really good to see a positive thinking approach to improving areas of Bruton through this forum. I wouldn’t however suggest that Plox Junction with Godminster Lane is unnecessarily large; having experienced attempting to drive down G Lane on icy mornings, the extra space promotes visibility, picking a ‘good line’ and safety. (It is no easier going up or down G Lane in the other direction to avoid the steep slope). I agree that speeding is an issue throughout Bruton. Albeit from a different direction, I think the speed reminders in front of Kings’ School have been helpful.

  2. Tricia Rawlingson Plant says:

    Agree with Flora’s comments. Also trying to get from station road to the fishponds under the railway bridge – absolutely nothing apart from busy road to walk on.

  3. Anika dare says:

    From darky lane up to cuckoo hill there are no bins or dog bins. This is a big part of town that has nowhere to put litter. Also think it would be a good idea to have a traffic mirror at the blue ball so cars can see what is coming around the corner so no accidents happen. Bruton is a beautiful town lets try and make the most of it

  4. Gill Pruden says:

    We definitely need more dog poo bins around the town. Pavements should be made continuous along High Street, Godminster Lane and Quaperlake Street. Junction of Godminster Lane and Plox dangerously wide. We need a proper crossing there as it is used daily by school children and parents with little ones going to the park or playgroup. I have seen some terrifying near misses! We also need traffic calming devices along the High Street. The speed at which some people drive along there is jaw droppingly stupid!

  5. Gill Pruden says:

    Church Bridge parking – we know there is very limited parking in Bruton but the eay the area on the ridge and outside Church Bridge Stores is a minefield. Finding your way from the shop across the Patwell Lane entrance to the bus stop can be very difficult and the bus stop is ALWAYS overrun by parked cars so that bus drivers can’t see people waiting. We have to stand on the driver’s side of parked cars so that bus drivers can see us and will stop.

    • J says:

      I literally got stuck walking from the station back home with the pushchair at the weekend. Someone had parked a white van across the pavement at the end by the bus stop / Patwell Pump, so you literally couldn’t get through. I had to go half way back across the bridge to find a space to get out and then walk along the road into the traffic – not ideal with the buggy and a small child!

  6. Mike Brownlow says:

    Quaperlake Street is the only road in central Bruton with traffic going in two directions for its entire length. All the comments about the High Street and Coombe Street apply here, if not more so — speeding, HGVs, large tractors, narrow pavements, dangerous for pushchairs, lots of children going to school at the busiest time of the day for traffic etc.

    The Council is looking very closely at all the areas of concern throughout the town, and welcomes any suggestions to improve matters.

  7. Gill Pruden says:

    Large potholes have appeared in the middle of Godmonster Lane near the park entrance (not the one near the playgroup).

  8. Mandy says:

    I think more bins are needed at Jubilee Park. There are currently two in the skate park area, one in the younger childrens area and one in the Dovecot carpark. I feel there should be one by each of the entrances/exits on Godminster Lane; then I would not have to pick up so much litter myself!

  9. James Hood says:

    Speeding in Station Road/Dropping Lane. It’s only a matter of time before someone gets killed or seriously injured trying to cross from the Community Garden to Durslade. The problem is worse with traffic leaving Bruton, as there’s a bend just before the crossing. A zebra crossing and/or chicane plus some warning signs would help. I agree with all the other comments, but this seems to me potentially the most lethal because of the higher speeds. 40mph plus is regular.

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