Higher Backway

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  1. James Hood says:

    Higher Backway is a well-known trap for heavy goods vehicles, being wide at the Coombe Street end but very narrow as it reaches St Catherines Hill. The recent additional signs (as currently illustrated above) have helped, but better signs just past the school would help. There is a large sign in the school car park but it is usually blocked from view by a refuse bin.

    For at least 30 households in St Catherines Hill Higher Backway is the only access route for emergency vehicles (as they cannot make the sharp left turn from the High Street at the bottom of St Catherines Hill). In the past few years both a fire engine and an ambulance have not been able to get through because of inconsiderate parking in Higher Backway. Fortunately no harm resulted.

    It would help if the road markings indicated where the road is wide enough to allow parking. Instead we have pointless zig-zag markings adjacent to the school in areas where parking is obviously impossible.

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