High Street

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Bruton’s main shopping area. This should/could be a wonderful street where pedestrians could enjoy visiting shops, cafes and looking at beautiful architecture. Currently pavements (where they exist) are single (too narrow for push/wheelchair in places), no crossing points – not even dropped kerbs, speed limit too high for a shared use road. Dangerous and unpleasant
News links – Traffic Attack mans plea for transport plan



High Street - missing pavement

The High Streets has no pavement in places

Bad parking forces pedestrians to use the road

Bad parking forces pedestrians to use the road


4 Responses to High Street

  1. Mary Staib says:

    The High street could be even better with a little help. Regular sweeping – sweet wrappers, fag ends, chewing gum – yuk.
    Keep the loos open
    Stop the access for huge trucks, they should go around the town using main roads. Little attention is given to the weight limit, they are causing terrible damage to the buildings. 20 mph speed limit is also necessary as an attempt to slow the tractors.
    Dog poo bins needed at the footpaths.
    A farmers market once a week would be brilliant.
    Mary Staib

  2. Jack Owen says:

    ‘#Don’t Kill My Kids’
    Well done BASII! This initiative is exactly what Bruton needs. Undeniably Bruton is a very special town it’s just a shame it is made unsafe and uncomfortable by fast, heavy and avoidable traffic. A 20 mph speed limited would help enormously. As would enforcement of the 7.5 ton weigh limit and a flea in the ear of the pavement parkers. Thank you on behalf of my children and I.

  3. Hannah says:

    How about no parking except disabled on high street. Widen pavements on both sides of road so single road and several zebra crossings speed bumps to ensure slow speed.

  4. Have a look at Bruton Somerset FB page to see what everyone is saying about speeding, speed bumps, lorries, parking, etc. etc. Lots of differing views.

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