Do you know of an area of Bruton that should be made safer and/or more accessible.  Please let us know which area and what problems it suffers from.  Send us words, photos and ideas, we’ll include them on this website and within our campaign.

2 Responses to Streets

  1. Rachel says:

    Lower Backway
    I regularly see car drivers going far too quickly down Lower Backway, accelerating dangerously and driving without the care and caution required for a road with limited visibilty, narrow width, without pavements and which is regularly used by children and young people as a route to and from school, dog walkers, cyclists, walkers, residents at Sexey’s hospital etc. I regularly find myself having to ask people to slow down and consider pedestrians and cyclists using the road. The same is true of Higher Backway.

  2. Louse Owen says:

    Please encourage drivers to not park on the cobbled entrance to the stepping stones on Lower Backway. A beautiful place where people can congregate and children can play frequently marred by by vans and cars for no better reason than convenience – to themselves of course, not us.

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