Bruton in ‘Consultation Phase’ for 20mph Speed Limit

Some excellent news – Bruton is in the final stages of obtaining a 20mph speed limit. In the near future Bruton should be joining many towns and cities throughout the UK that have already implemented 20mph speed limits. The map below shows the roads that will get the new limit (click on it to enlarge).

Bruton - Proposed 20 mph Speed LimitThere are many benefits to having a 20mph speed limit. The roads become safer for everyone. This is particularly true for vulnerable road users such as pedestrians and cyclists. Many of the streets that will be included in the Bruton 20mph limit have no pavements, or pavements too narrow for a wheelchair or pushchair, forcing pedestrians to walk in the road.

Slower traffic speeds encourage people to walk or cycle rather than drive. This benefits everyone by reducing congestion, lowering pollution, reducing traffic noise and freeing up parking within the town. A 20mph speed limit within central Bruton would add very little to motorists journey times (on average much less than 1 minute) and significantly benefits the environment and the health of the residents. With road traffic accidents in Somerset alone costing £120 million and 20mph speed limits proven to reduce casualties there is also a strong financial benefit.

We would like to thank those on the Town Council who have spearheaded this scheme and worked so hard to make it happen. We would also like to thank our local County Councillor, those working for Somerset County Council, all Bruton residents who became involved in the debate and also the national organisations who have laid the groundwork.

We look forward to Bruton becoming a safer, quieter and more environmentally friendly place.

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  1. Tricia Rawlingson Plant says:

    Have given my feedback in support of the proposal. It only takes a few minutes and is very simple. Please do it so we can ensure the roads are safer around Bruton, particularly where the pavements are so narrow or near the schools.

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