Bruton Speedwatch

Bruton A-speedwatch teamCould you help fight crime and reduce speeding in Bruton?

Traffic exceeding the speed limit in Bruton can now be tracked by the community in two ways- using a SID (speed information device) and Speedwatch.

You will probably have seen the SID at various locations around the town. As well as warning drivers that they are exceeding the speed limit, the SID collects useful data about the numbers of vehicles traveling through the town.

In addition, Bruton Town Council are in the process of setting up a Speedwatch team. The team will use radar guns to identify road users exceeding the speed limit. With the assistance of the local police force those exceeding the limit will be advised. It has been found that having an active speedwatch group significantly reduces speeding and improves road safety.

Please consider joining the Speedwatch team? It involves:

  • a 90 minute training  session in November;
  • joining a rota of volunteers to operate the radar, always with 2 others and often with police support.

The speedwatch team plans to start monitoring in January with the volunteers doing regular one hour sessions.

Please read this excellent article on the Bruton Town website for more information. If you are able to help, or require further information, please contact the Speedwatch team via Bruton Town Council.

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