Bruton Library Centenary

Bruton Library Bruton Library is 100 years old.  Tomorrow, 19th July, there is an open day at the library with lots of exciting events planned. Please click for the programme of events and a very challenging Bruton Library Quiz.  We think Bruton Library is fantastic and that it’s great the town has a library.  The only thing we don’t like is the access to the library – no crossing points, a four-road junction with lots of traffic, limited visibility and narrow pavements.   Please visit the library tomorrow to join in the celebrations but en-route please take a good look at the road and pavements outside and tell us how they can be improved. Please also let us know where you think the safest crossing points are. Basii is currently putting together a brief report, for Bruton Town Council, of all the comments and suggestions that you’ve given us about the areas of Bruton that need improving.

Congratulations Bruton Library. Hope the next 100 years is as successful. Really big thanks to those that created, maintained, managed, worked, joined and supported Bruton Library. Also thank you to those organising tomorrows events.

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