Bruton 20mph Consultation

20mph owlOn the Wednesday the 1st of July, at Bruton Community Hall, there will be a consultation event about the proposed Bruton 20mph scheme and also the Cole road improvements. The event will run from 4pm to 8pm so please pop in, look at the proposals and give your opinions. Please also share this information with all Bruton residents.

For those that cannot attend the information event we understand that the plans will soon be online giving the opportunity to view them and comment. It should also be possible to view the plans at the Bruton Community Office.

There are many reasons why Bruton would benefit from having a 20mph speed limit; here are a few. It would make the town safer, quieter and better for everyone. If you have not already signed the written or online petition, and would like to, then please do so before the consultation as at this point we will be presenting it to the Council.

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