‘Angel of the Road’ sculpture appears in Bruton

Some of you may have spotted an exciting willow sculpture outside Hauser and Wirth. The sculpture, called ‘Angel of the Road’ due to its resemblance to Antony Gormley’s ‘Angle of the North‘, is positioned next to the 30mph sign on dropping lane. This fantastic sculpture has been created by Bruton Primary pupils with the specific aim of making drivers think, slowing the traffic and making Bruton safer for everyone.

Despite having a 30mph speed limit, Dropping Lane is one of Bruton’s faster roads with speeds well in excess of 60 mph regularly being recorded. If you would like to join Bruton Speed Watch, there is a meeting this Friday at 7pm, then send us an email and we will put you in touch. Please do come along and make our town safer, quieter and a more environmentally friendly place.

The ‘Angel of the Road’ sculpture is one of a series of six sculptures all of which will soon be positioned around Bruton. These sculptures will form a temporary (dependent on weather, animal and human activity) art installation throughout Bruton. If your road needs a sculpture then please contact us. After they have been decommissioned the sculptures will be auctioned with any proceeds going to Bruton Primary School. You too could own one of these unique sculptures – grow some plants up it, use as a hat stand or turn into a giant bird’s nest.

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