20mph Chinese Dragon

On the 20th of February, children from Bruton scooted along Lower Backway and then created a chalk dragon to show support for a 20mph speed limit in Bruton. They choose to draw a Chinese dragon to reflect the start of the Chinese New Year.

20mph dragon creation 20mph chalks for Brutondragon 1

Everyone, including children, should be able to walk, cycle, scoot and skate safely within our community.  As well as being enjoyable, these activities have significant health and environmental benefits. Many of Bruton’s back roads (for example Lower Backway and Upper Backway) are narrow with no pavements and are commonly used by pedestrians and young children learning to scoot or cycle. Basii ask all drivers to be particularly careful on these streets and drive slowly at all times.

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1 Response to 20mph Chinese Dragon

  1. Jack says:

    Thank you for your continued work to improve our Bruton streets.

    5–10 mph limit on Lower Backway would be more appropriate. Lower Backway is one of the very few places in Bruton where children can play out without dangerous interference of cars but sadly inconsiderate parking is also a problem. This regularly occurs in public spaces close to the stepping stones. I hope you will highlight in one of your bulletins, sometime.

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