20mph Celebration Photograph …

Some of Bruton’s residents came together for a quick photograph to celebrate the completion of central Bruton’s 20mph speed limit. A huge thank you to everyone that has helped make this happen and lets hope that we can look forward to a safer, quieter and more environmentally friendly town.

Central Bruton has many beautiful, historic narrow streets. Some have no pavements whilst many have pavements so narrow that no pushchair or wheelchair can fit on them. It is therefore no surprise that a 20mph speed limit has been talked about for many years by Bruton residents. In fact, the idea of a 20mph speed limit for central Bruton was first actively pursued in the 1990s.  Now, more than twenty years later it is finally up and running.

BASII got involved in the campaign only three years ago. We started with a walk around the town to show support for the 20mph speed limit which was already being discussed by the Town Council. We’ve then had arts trails, under pants, spring flowers, a giant zebra, sheep, enormous vegetables and mystery signs (we never did find out who Pantsy was!). Below are a few photographs of some creative campaigning over the last three years. A massive thank you to all that got involved, supported us and made our campaign such fun.

It started with a walk around the town.



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