20mph Art Work Mystery

"Bursting - fountain after Duchamp"The Basii 20mph mini arts trail generated much interest throughout Bruton and was admired by many. Please click here for some photos. We’ve now dismantled most of the trail. However, one of the key exhibits ‘Bursting – fountain after Duchamp’ mysteriously disappeared.  This work, a ceramic piece, was located outside the former public toilets.  Does anyone know the whereabouts of this controversial work? Has it been stolen by a gang of high class art thieves or taken by a desperate wannabe plumber?  Please let us know urgently if you have any information.

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2 Responses to 20mph Art Work Mystery

  1. sid says:

    your basin is in the road works in quaperlake street looking very sad and lonely

    • Basii says:

      Thanks very much for that information. We will retrieve it as soon as possible. We will be very relieved when we have it back as we’re getting rather desperate.

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