20/20 night-vision (20th June) and other news

Basii at the packhorse fair 2Thank you to everyone who showed their support for Basii at the Pack Horse Fair on Bank Holiday Monday including those who added their comments to our ‘Good’ and ‘Needs improving’ map of Bruton, entered the Basii T shirt design competition and signed our petition.  We will be setting up our Basii stall again at the Bruton Primary School Summer fair on July 10th and look forward to seeing you there.

20-20 vision owlNext Friday (the 20th June) we are having an evening walk to show support for a 20mph speed limit in Bruton. The plan is to meet in the Bruton Castle at 8 o’clock and start the walk at approximately half eight. We’ll walk around the town stopping at Truffles Brasserie. We will then return to the Castle for a discussion. Please come and join us.  Follow this link to our 20/20 night-vision poster – please print a copy and display.

On Saturday the 19th July, Bruton library will be holding an open day to celebrate its centenary.  We think Bruton library is wonderful and that it is really important for the town to have a local library that residents can walk to.  At the open day there will be birthday cake, children’s activities, talks, music and much more.  So let’s make 19th July ‘walk-to-the-library day’ and please go along and join in the fun.  We have had a lot of comments about access to the library and the junction between the High Street, Coombe Street and Quaperlake Street.  So when you visit the library please think about how this area could be improved and send us your suggestions.

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