Bike Week 2021

Bike Week, delivered by Cycling UK, is an annual celebration of cycling. This year, One Planet Bruton is coordinating a few events throughout the town. Basii agree that cycling is brilliant! The benefits are numerous – it’s great for physical and mental health plus it’s great for the environment with less pollution (including noise pollution), less CO2 emissions and less congestion than driving. The first event that One Planet Bruton is launching is a family cycle ride organised by Bruton Cycle Club on Monday 31st May at 10am. This free event is a guided ride that’s suitable for families. Booking is essential and places are limited, so be quick if you’d like to join this ride – click here for details and booking. And watch out for other bike focused events happening during bike week!

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Walk to School Week 2020

This year’s Walk to School Week starts Monday 5th October and is part of International Walk to School month. There’s loads of great benefits to walking or cycling. We can reduce congestion, reduce air pollution and carbon emissions. As well as protecting our planet it’s also great for our health. So, if you can walk or cycle around then town then please do so.

If you have to drive, then please observe the speed limit and be considerate to pedestrians and cyclists. Reducing congestion and environmental damage benefits everyone so please show your support to the pupils who are walking or cycling.

Walking and cycling to School Survey

Bruton’s Safer Walking & Cycling Group (a joint group set up by Bruton Town Council and One Planet Bruton) are carrying out a survey of how children get to and from school to understand barriers to walking and cycling. If you, or your children, attend any of the Bruton schools then please take five minutes to complete the survey and give your ideas as to how things could be improved.

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Bruton’s Angels turn Rebels

The Angel-of-the-Road willow sculptures that have been protecting the town from speeding motorists have rebelled. Two of the sculptures have attached themselves to a traffic post near the church and are demanding safer walking and cycling routes in the town. One of the angels turned rebels, Statue O’Limity, said, “We’ve been observing the town over the summer months, we need better pavements, more cycle provision and better access to the library”. She continued, “only recently I was knocked over by an HGV. It was a terrifying experience and made me realise the urgency of improving our pavements and ensuring all future developments make sustainable, safe travel a priority”. The statues have said they will not budge until the walking and cycling in Bruton is improved. However, one of the Town officials was seen walking to the library junction with a large pair of pruning shears and told us the disruption would not last much longer.

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‘Angel of the Road’ sculpture appears in Bruton

Some of you may have spotted an exciting willow sculpture outside Hauser and Wirth. The sculpture, called ‘Angel of the Road’ due to its resemblance to Antony Gormley’s ‘Angle of the North‘, is positioned next to the 30mph sign on dropping lane. This fantastic sculpture has been created by Bruton Primary pupils with the specific aim of making drivers think, slowing the traffic and making Bruton safer for everyone.

Despite having a 30mph speed limit, Dropping Lane is one of Bruton’s faster roads with speeds well in excess of 60 mph regularly being recorded. If you would like to join Bruton Speed Watch, there is a meeting this Friday at 7pm, then send us an email and we will put you in touch. Please do come along and make our town safer, quieter and a more environmentally friendly place.

The ‘Angel of the Road’ sculpture is one of a series of six sculptures all of which will soon be positioned around Bruton. These sculptures will form a temporary (dependent on weather, animal and human activity) art installation throughout Bruton. If your road needs a sculpture then please contact us. After they have been decommissioned the sculptures will be auctioned with any proceeds going to Bruton Primary School. You too could own one of these unique sculptures – grow some plants up it, use as a hat stand or turn into a giant bird’s nest.

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2019 Walk-to-School week at Bruton Primary School a great success

This year’s walk-to-school week (20-24th May) for Bruton Primary School, was a great success. The weather was sunny, the children were enthusiastic, and the school staff wonderful. The walking buses even ran on time! A big thanks to school staff, the parents and especially the children who all got involved with such enthusiasm.

Let’s continue the good work, keep walking and cycling, and make Bruton a better, healthier and safer place. Together we can reduce air pollution, reduce congestion and make our town safer. If you do have to drive please keep to the speed limit and respect pedestrians and cyclists.

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The Walking Buses are back

Next week (20-24th May) is national walk-to-school week organised by Living Streets. To encourage the children to walk to school, during this week, walking buses will be running to Bruton Primary School. This year there are seven bus routes running from different parts of the town. Families will meet at the ‘bus stops’ and then walk to school together picking up more families on route. Parents, not the bus leader, are responsible for their children during the bus journey. The walking bus routes and preliminary timetables are displayed in the school playground.

If you do need to drive, please consider using the ‘Park and Stride’ service. This starts at the Godminster cheese car park. Why not park here, buy some delicious cheese, and then take the scenic route to the school.

There are job vacancies for a bus leader on the Jubilee, Hadspen, Creech and Godminster lines. If you are happy to lead one of these lines then please sign up in the school playground with your first stop (you don’t have to do the entire route).

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The Bruton Sportive 2019

Bruton Cycle Club are organising a cycling sportive on Saturday 11th May 2019.

If you don’t fancy the 65 mile route there are 6km, 12km and 36km routes. The shorter ones are specifically designed for children, families and occasional riders. The routes all look great with some excellent scenery. After the cycling there is a BBQ lunch, some music and maybe a glass of locally produced cider.

A big thanks to Bruton Cycle club who, as well as encouraging cycling, are hoping to raise some money for the Town.

This looks a fantastic event so please sign up (tickets from British Cycling) and encourage your friends and family to join in too. Full details are on this poster (please print and display)

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The Queen observes 20mph limit

The Queen visited Bruton on 28th March. It was a sunny spring day and Bruton residents lined the streets to welcome her. Basii was amongst the crowd with our red, white and blue safety messages. The Queen’s vehicle drove past safely at less than 20mph. Well done Your Majesty. Lets all be like the Queen, observe the speed limits and make our town safer for everyone.

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Bruton Community Speedwatch

We are looking for volunteers to join the Bruton Speedwatch team. It has been found that having an active community speedwatch group significantly reduces speeding and improves road safety. Additionally, it helps identify areas of the the town in need of improvement thereby making it more likely that funding will be approved.

Being part of the Community Speedwatch team involves:

  • attending a 90 minute training session
  • joining a rota of volunteers for one hour sessions to operate the radar, always with 2 others and often with police support.

If you would like to have a safer town and can commit an hour or two fortnightly then please send us an email or pop into the Town Council Office, 26 High Street.

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The Library Junction …

Basii Halloween pumpkins at the library junction

The Library junction, seen here with our Halloween pumpkins, is one of the most dangerous parts of Bruton. It is difficult to negotiate for both pedestrians and motorist. The pavements are extremely narrow and the visibility is poor.

In 2018, the Town Council asked Streets Reimagined to come up with a scheme to improve the junction. All the details and plans are on the Town Council website. We believe this would be a massive improvement – please take a look at the plans and let us know what you think.

This week is National Road Safety week, organised by the road safety charity Brake. This years theme is Bike Smart.

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